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Sunday, October 12, 2008

We had a good day

It was just a normal day. We didn't have anything planned - the race and our football game was last night. Usually we spend Sundays eating popcorn and drinking beer, yelling at the TV while guys in too fast cars take left turns all day and bigger, sweatier guys tackle each other over a pigskin ball. However, the nascar race and the Mizzou football game were last night, and were disasters at that. My driver blew a tire 100 laps in and Mizzou slinked off the field with their proverbial tails between their legs, having lost and therefore lost the shot at the #1 ranking.
Needless to say, we went to bed dissapointed, and woke up bored. Thankfully, the Chiefs didn't play today or that would have led to more dissapointment, I'm sure... and I don't need any more of that this weekend.

So what does dissapointment and boredom lead to? Shopping. We went to St Joe and I raided Target and TJ Maxx, and basically stole some baby girl clothes. I got her two winter outfits (pants and shirts), a pair of jeans, and a winter coat by XOXO Baby that originally sells for $50... for a grand total of $46. Rock on. Retail therapy is fun, too bad it's not something we can budget into every weekend.

It was good to get out as a family and feel normal. The kids were good. We clogged our arteries at McDonald's and let Collin go wild on the playgym. I got some McDonald's monopoly pieces that failed to win me any money. Lily charmed everyone she met, and then they both slept all the way home. What more could a girl ask for, really?

Well, that's all I suppose. Counting down the days until cardiology - 9 to go. Let's hope it's a good one!


Millie said...

Well, a good note is the Rams won, right? :) I'm not much for football, but the hubby watched it and they won. I'm all for retail therapy too, especially when you can find a good deal. Glad you had a good day.
Millie and Colin-HLHS