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Friday, October 10, 2008

Another weight check

After the last disastrous weigh in at her shots appt, Dr. Golightly wanted me to bring her back in a couple weeks to monitor her. So I got Lily weighed today, she's up to 16 lbs 3 oz, so that is half an ounce a day for 2 weeks, which is better than 3 ounces in 3 weeks. That ends up being 15 grams a day for the past two weeks, which is the minimum Dr. Simon would like to see. When you account for the 35 days since her weigh-in September 5th, which was the last time it looked like she was gaining at a good pace, and the total of 10 ounces she's gained since then, it averages out to 8.1 grams a day, which is still much lower than the 21.5/day pace she was gaining at.

Some of you may wonder why I worry about this so much, but poor weight gain is often times (but not always) an indicator of poor heart function. So yes, I obsess. It may mean nothing, or it might mean something, at this point we will see when we return to cardiology on Oct 21st. Until then, keep us in your prayers.


Brian and Cassi Reed said...

You live in the ville. How did we never meet

Millie said...

Thanks for visiting Colins page. Lillian is so beautiful!! I just recently created the blog, so we still have our carepage too. :)
I don't know if this is true with your daughters heart defects, but I know it has been said with Colin that part of the reason it's hard for CHD babies, is that they burn calories so fast. When Colin was a newborn, and could eat (he's tube fed now), they would only let me feed him for 30 min. and I had to tube the rest, because he would burn more calories than he would take in. Just a thought, and maybe ease your mind a little. :)
Have a great day,
Hey, I saw you are in MO. Colin goes to Cardinal Glennon in St. Louis, MO. We live in Southern, IL