Look how far we've come

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The wait is killing me.

6 days.

It's the kind of wait that drives a girl insane.

The kind of wait that keeps you up at night, mind racing, tossing and turning. I'm so beyond stressed out... I'm jumping into the deep end, I swear.

I could not sleep last night, for anything! I had this whole post wrote out in my head, and now I can't remember it.


Marilyn said...

I know what you mean about the waiting. Kyle and I sit here in St. Louis not knowing how long we will wait. I remember when Kyle was a baby if anything every came up I worried that something more was wrong with his heart. It is hard because they can't tell you how they feel at that age. At the hospital the other day my husband and I saw a toddler who couldn't have been 2 yet and he had went through a heart transplant. He looked wonderful. It gave me such hope. Just remember that Dr. Simon is excellent and she will take good care of your baby. I know it is hard to not worry because things do come up with our "heart babies." Please let us know how her appointment goes. By the way she is a beautiful little girl.