Look how far we've come

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween is coming

We took the kiddos to Mozingo lake last night for their campground trick-or-treating event. Collin was a ghost and kept walking around all night going "ooooo, oooo, OOOOOO" like a ghost would. All month he's been rambling on about how he wants to be a ghost, the kid could hardly contain himself. He was the perfect ghost.

Lily was a tiger cub and a cute one at that. She sort of looked like a boy in the costume, I even attached a hairbow to one of the tiger ears on her hood and I still heard plenty of "how cute is HE!!" But oh well. I know she's a girl. I didn't get any pictures - the wind has been CRAZY this weekend and it was bright and smoky from all of the campfires. But we are going to the citywide trick or treating on Thursday night, the uptown businesses open their doors for the kids and it's always a good turnout. I promise I will take some pictures in their costumes before the season is over.

Lily lasted until about 8pm before she'd had enough and we came home. She fell asleep on the way home and that was a challenge getting her into bed - I couldn't much let her sleep in her tiger costume so I had to change her. But she did good and woke once around 4 am for food - she hadn't eaten since 5pm so I wasn't surprised. Then she slept in until 9:30! Too bad Mommy can't sleep that long. It seems lately that I wake on the weekends around 7:30 - 8 and I'm up for good.

We had a relaxing day - watched the Chiefs almost win (heartbreaker) and the Nascar race. One day my knight in shining #88 green armor will get me a chase win. Alas, not today.

Just to clarify my previous post - I don't think anything is wrong with Lily. I'm not sure what to think about the CMH ordeal. I'm totally frustrated at their lack of response with such important information. I'm crossing my fingers that the Tuesday report comes in to St Francis quickly and Dr. G can review it and give me his opinion. I know he's not a pediatric cardiologist, but I also know that he knows when something doesn't add up. I will not hesitate to get a second opinion if he thinks I need to pursue that route. Our insurance is covering everything 100% at this point through the end of the calendar year, because we've maxed out our deductible and copayment. I know what symptoms to look for - Lily is gaining weight and is a pink baby at this point, unless something changes I will try to rest easy.

Sidenote to Cassi - thank you so much for your offer, if I need directions I promise I will ask! :)

That is all for now!