Look how far we've come

Monday, October 6, 2008

Lillian is sitting!

I am so excited for her, I had this personal goal that she'd be sitting by 9 months, and she beat it by two weeks! She is getting better at it every day, too. She can also roll over now, but she doesn't do it often. She loves to sit. She can't get herself into a sitting position, so I have to put her there and then fix her if she falls, but she can hold herself up for several minutes now and it's so darn cute, it makes me smile.

It's so good to have something so positive, to see her doing what all babies her age should be doing! I'm posting new pictures, too!

I think we might have found a solution to the constipation... we've been trying out the Similac Sensitive formula which I guess is sort of new, I don't remember seeing it before really. It's milk based, lactose free (the Gentlease is only reduced lactose). Since I had tried her on the Soy formula with no luck, it hadn't occurred to me to try a milk based lactose free formula... but apparently some babies don't tolerate Soy well either! She seems to have an easier time pooping, with no Miralax! Let's hope it lasts!

I will take her to get weighed this Friday or Saturday, two weeks exactly since her shots. Let's hope the numbers are better this time!!