Look how far we've come

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Finally another phone call!

Good lord they can be slow sometimes. Anyways, Diane-the-cardiology-nurse called me back today and said she talked to Dr. Simon... and Dr. Simon told me to take a deep breath and that she really doesn't think that her weight is cardio related at this point. They really don't see how what was going on in there in August could cause that.


They did tell me that she could have just hit a small plateau, to maybe weigh her in a couple weeks if it would make me feel better, to see where she's at. They reminded me that they did take her off the 24 calorie/ounce formula and that could have affected it, and I reminded them that that happened in August and she was gaining fine up until September 5th, so that I don't think that's the case. She seemed like she'd forgotten that this just happened.

Basically they said I could return her to the 24 cal formula if my pediatrician and I think that's necessary, but they really don't at this point. They didn't think much needed to be done, really, unless she starts losing weight.

Okay. I hope they're right and not being apathetic about it all. I'll take it for now.