Look how far we've come

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Just babbling

I haven't written in about a week which seems like such a long time, so I figured I'd pop in.
Not a lot to say, really. Lily's legs just keep getting stronger, I hold her hands simply for balance and she pushes from a sit to a stand using her legs. Yesterday evening and this morning she's been rolling over to her tummy a lot more and seeming less pissed off when she realizes she's on her stomach. We had some cartoons on briefly this morning and she flipped over and propped herself up with her arms and was watching the TV from her stomach. It was funny to look at. She gets all excited and bangs on the floor and kicks her legs like a frog and I just know that if she'd build some strength in her arms and realize what they are for she'd be crawling in a heartbeat. She seems to have no interest in her knees, even when I try to put her on all fours to see if she can hold that position she won't bend her knees and ends up on her hands and feet, like if she were to bear-walk. She'd much rather stand than sit.

She's not been a good eater today - she's only ate her morning bottle and about 10 bites of a turkey dinner thing, but at least she napped good this morning. She didn't even seem to want her morning bottle, it took her almost an hour to drink it. Yesterday she took two very short naps that totaled less than an hour. This morning she took a 2 hour nap. Funny how big of a difference a day can make. Last night she must have gotten a frog in her throat cause she was coughing really hard and almost choking on her spit. It was odd - I hope she's not coming down with a cold.

She's getting taller by the minute - things get too short before they get too small. She's outgrowing her infant carrier by length. I was really hoping to hold off on buying another carseat, but I think I'm going to have to. Collin has one in each of our cars that is a forward and backward facing convertible that works from 5-40 lbs, and I was hoping she could use those. She could, but he's still in them. He can't switch to a booster seat until he's 4 and 40 lbs, and he won't be 4 until March, and he's only 32-34 pounds since I can't get the kid to eat anything. By March, Lily will more than likely have outgrown her carrier in length. It's frustrating, because the weight limit on it is 20 lbs and she's not 20 lbs yet and probably won't be by the time she turns 1, so even if we did get her another carseat she wouldn't be able to face forward. She's just too darn tall for her carrier. The height limit is 29 inches and she's pushing 28 already and the shoulder straps are getting to where they need to be moved to a taller slot... and there aren't any more taller slots.

Which means we're probably in the market for another carseat, which is cool because they have a cute pink one at walmart, but we'll need two - one for each car, since I take the kids in the morning and he picks them up when he gets off work. I guess I'm off to check out the babycenterstore.com, since I have a $20 coupon and a free shipping code for them.

On that note, I'm really hoping her christmas dress fits her - it's size 12 months and it might, Christmas is 6 weeks off still I guess and by then she'll have gained probably close to another 1/2 - 3/4 pound. I haven't seen any other dresses that I really like, so I'm crossing my fingers. I guess if it's too big, it's too big... she has good reason for it!

I guess that is all. It's hard getting used to just living life, I still feel like anything can happen at any time with a heart baby. Hard to get rid of that "pins and needles" feeling. As far as I know, our doctor here has not recieved the reports from CMH... I will try to wait until middle-to-end of November and call if I haven't heard from them. I will be a pest, and I do want copies of it all!

Well, off to watch the race. Hoping everyone is doing well!