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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Here's our little tiger for Halloween.
It went well around here. We took the kids to the city's "uptown trick or treating event" on thursday, where all the businesses on the square hand out candy just for the kids, it goes when it's still light out, from 5-7pm, and the police and stuff are there to keep people safe. It was packed. Lily was good, Collin was awful. He didn't want to do it anymore after about 10 minutes, so we just kept dragging him along - Brandon's sister Karissa and her two girls came with us. His other sister Tiffany and our third neice was going to come, but Sydney was sick so they stayed home. Due to Collin's crappy attitude on Thursday, we did not go out trick or treating last night. The kids went to Grandma's and Brandon and I went bowling. I was on a roll (haha, pun) on my first game and bowled a 126 (don't laugh... heehee... that's good for me...) Then I had a beer, and then another beer, and my bowling game got progressively worse in direct correlation to how many beers I had. Actually, I think I only had two, but my third game was an 87. Go figure.

I took some pictures of the kids in costume, and I posted Lily's here for you all to see. I had a mini heart attack Friday afternoon, after the kids were napping and I got a chance to try to upload all of my pictures. Turns out the (awful, no name, off brand) CompactFlash card I have had corrupted somehow. Insert panicked face here. Neither my computer or my camera could read any of the shots I'd taken. So I frantically searched the internet and found a free trial of a PC photo recovery tool, and spent 2 hours watching it painstakenly pull every.single.image I'd ever shot on that card (even deleted ones) from the depths of the "heavily damaged" (it's words) memory vault. Some of them it was only recovering half of the image, so I must have really messed something up somehow. That or the card just sucks. Thankfully, it recovered all but two of the Halloween ones. Happy Dance. $40 later, I am the proud owner of a new (hopefully better) CompactFlash card.

Anyways, that's just rambling. Lily's been fairly good. I noticed that her feet sweat, a lot. They kind of always have I guess. But it's so bad lately... she has such stinky feet. Every time I'd give her a bath I'd be like... what the heck smells like puke. Seriously. Well, this morning I was giving her feet extra attention and noticed... um... goo.. growing (?) between her toes. Bleccccchhhh. So I get that all cleaned up, and now I think it's intervention time. She's going sockless whenever she can, unless it's too cold, but luckily today has been 75 degrees. I have baby powdered her feet twice today in an attempt to keep them dry. I'm half tempted to call the pediatrician to see what he says... but I donno if he'd have any other advice other than "keep them dry." I hope she doesn't have some kind of fungus infection problem going on. Come to think of it, I might call Monday, just in case.

That's all for now folks. Send us rosy-smelling feet vibes.


Millie said...

Have no clue about the feet thing, but hope she gets that sweet baby smell back soon. LOL :)
Lily looks so cute in her costume, and don't worry about the bowling, I'm doing awesome to get 100! :)
Have a great weekend,
Millie and Colin-HLHS

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura - this is Julia from Facebook (Moms of Kids with Heart Defects group) - I popped over to check out your blog.

Your daughter is adorable! So glad you were able to save your photos - I would have had a panic moment as well. And good luck on the feet thing - sending all the rosy smelling feet vibes I have your way :-)

Oh, do you mind if I link you in my heart kids section on my blog?