Look how far we've come

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sorry for neglecting

I got wrapped up in her carepage and kept forgetting to copy and paste posts. Then it became months with no updates and I just let it slide.

In a nutshell, Lillian is doing quite well right now! Her last cardiology appt was in April and it showed normal heart functioning numbers, with slight enlargement on the left side still. Her next appt is 10/6.

She is crawling, she will stand for a couple seconds alone, she cruises furniture like a champ. She is not walking yet, not talking, and only has 1 tooth.

She weighs about 22 pounds right now, which is low on the charts for her age but she looks chunky and huge to me! We are coming up on her turning 17 months old on the 18th and the 1 year anniversary of her surgery and I cannot believe it's been a year, and I'm astonished at the changes in her since her repair.

She has been very sleepy the last few days and it kind of concerns me. She slept Sunday from 9:30-11:15am and then 1pm-3:30pm. Yesterday she slept from 10:45am-12:30pm and then was back asleep 45 minutes later and slept from 1:15-4:15pm. This is quite uncharacteristic of her. Hopefully it's just a growth spurt maybe? Of course with her history I will always worry.

More consistent updates to follow, I promise!