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Friday, September 12, 2008

Our follow up since starting the Miralax was today. It went pretty well, and I'm glad we had it because she's developed her first cold. I swear the nurses are lazy... they don't like to strip her down for weight checks unless it's a formal "well child check." I had to ask her to do it... you'd think with how much I've been in there they'd understand that she has a heart problem and it's very important to get an accurate weight. This nurse today was our doctor's head nurse, too, I was surprised.

But anyways, her naked weight was 15 pounds, 9 ounces. She was 14 pounds 12 ounces naked on August 19th, and I don't count the other two weigh ins since then because she had clothes on. I'm a psychotic mom and do the math every time she needs to get weighed... you know, the whole "if she should be gaining an ounce a day, this is how much she should weigh based on her last weight and the number of days since then..." My math came out to 16 pounds, 4 ounces. Which she isn't, but our ped wasn't concerned... he said she's following the same growth curve that she always has and at least she's not dropping off. Actually, at her last weigh in she had jumped up the curve a bit and now she's back down, but we also stopped making her formula extra strength so she's getting fewer calories. I just take what I can get and try not to panic about it. If the doctors are happy, then I'm happy.

He said there's nothing I can really give her for her cold, at her age and with her medical history. He said if it lingers on for days they do make a liquid Claritin that I can give her 1/2 tsp of to help dry her up. I'm going to just let it run it's course... everyone is sick right now, you know?

I mentioned that the Miralax has really helped, she's been pooing twice a day, and last night's was almost runny. We're going to scale back to every other day... he wants to get her on the lowest effective dose. Some babies end up only needing it once or twice a week. Hopefully that's mine, but Lillian doesn't really have a history of making things easier on me ;D.
We have our first appointment with Parents as Teachers next Thursday evening, they are coming to look at Collin and talk to us about him, they have a program for 0-3 years and then 3-5 years old. I'm sure he's doing fine, but it'll be nice to have some interaction with someone else and get new ideas for games and things that will help him get ready for preschool next year. They are still deciding who they'll assign to Lily, they had a new girl they were going to give to her but with Lily's medical history and her developmental delays, I think they're considering putting her with someone more experienced.

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Isabella said...

Glad the Dr. appointment went well and that she is gaining weight. Hey if you want to e-mail me it is megangudde@hotmail.com

melissa said...

I'm glad that Lly Grace is doing good! I found your blog through Elli's blog today and I read your whole blog. she is adorable and I'm glad she is doing well. I have never heard of CDh before I learned about it through Elli's page and now I want to learn all about it. your story is one of relief and I find comfort in knowing thier is hope for all these babies who are struggling with this defect. Thanks for sharing your story!